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and reconnecting (and you get the extra treat of beautiful, authentic portraits to treasure forever).

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"Knitted": To be tied together. The act of drawing together.
To become closer, to grow together. Joined, bonded, fused, united.

Knitted sessions are about the celebration of marriage and remembering and cherishing the one you've married. They are about creating a place for togetherness, laughter, play, sharing, holding, and cherishing your Beloved. It is in this place, where you're soaked in your truest, most raw, stripped down version of your love, that I want to capture your story. I want to make portraits that tell the truth of who you are in your spouse's eyes, the truth of how deep your love runs, that celebrate your hard won victories, and serve as a reminder of the beautiful and sacred commitment you've made to each other.

Knitted sessions are so much more than getting photos taken, they are a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or simply want to spend some time with your Beloved, Knitted sessions are all about having fun

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